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Dear Kids… Legacy Storytelling

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This is for anyone who has held the honorable place in life of guiding another soul. It’s important to note, you don’t have to be a biological parent to hold that sort of importance in a child’s life ― no matter their age. Consider including those you’ve been a mentor or guide to. You never know how you might touch another with your legacy storytelling.


Our kids are our kids, for all of life. They look to us for guidance, learning, hope and security. What greater gift than to give them ourselves, to let them know us and have us, when they’re ready to know, when they are available to receive and understand all that we are always offering.


I hope you read all of the below article, it’s powerful and important and will potentially inspire you to start collecting little gifts today that they will some day cherish beyond anything else they have in their lives. You may choose to do this in writing; my friend Elizabeth, whom I recorded a video biography with, is further expanding her collection and has embarked on a journey called, “my life in paragraphs.” You might consider using StoryCatcher and creating a collection of short videos telling about your life, lessons, values and hopes. You may feel most comfortable expressing yourself via an audio only format, which can easily be done any time, any where using a smart phone or mini voice recorder.


Share when you’re inspired to. Create a little collection, or even a big one. Do it on your own or consult a professional for help and guidance. Save your data somewhere you’re sure your loved ones will find it or tell them where it is. It’s the greatest gift you will ever leave them. I promise you that.|Dear Kids by John Dickerson, | Published May 8th, 2014


“Mom also kept letters she wrote to me, which prove my point. I don’t remember getting them when they were originally sent…they’re full of wisdom as I reread them…”

Enjoy Jorja’s wisdom on having a positive impact: 

5 thoughts on “Dear Kids… Legacy Storytelling”

  1. Great blog, April, using Mothers’ Day is the impetus to start preserving memories of Mum (by children) or of children (by Mum’s). And I especially endorse the idea of doing it in small bites – either the ‘My Life in Paragraphs’ or by using your Story Catcher app. Brava!

  2. Writing “My Life in Paragraphs” has inspired me to sit down and write in spare moments – at the airport while waiting to board, on a plane, at a restaurant while waiting for a friend – any small moment of time – I LOVE this approach because I DO it, and continue to collect my life in bits and pieces for myself and my kids – It’s amazing how prolific my memory is – much more than I imagined it to be – Thanks, April, for the part you played and continue to play in my accessing my memory bank – I LOVE the video you made for me!!

    1. This is wonderful, Elizabeth. The more we do it, take those few moments to record the moments, the easier it becomes and then more and more recollections come to the surface. And it’s such a fun journey! I know your kids will absolutely cherish having your life shared with them. Thank you so much for your words!

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