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The Ethical Will, an Ancient Concept, is Revamped for the Tech Age | The New York Times by Constance Gustke|Published November 1st, 2014


StoryCatcher App

Even iPhone apps are being used to create ethical wills. April Bell, who owns a video storytelling business called Tree of Life Legacies, codeveloped the ethical will app StoryCatcher for iPhone use. (Click here for article)




App Review:StoryCatcher | The In-depth Genealogist by Shannon Combs-Bennett, T2 Family History|Published August 6th, 2014

StoryCatcher is more than a home movie and more than just a slide show. This app allows you to showcase small pieces of your family life in high quality videos without having to know any of the skills of a video editor! (Click here for article)

StoryCatcher review



App Review: StoryCatcher | Listen Closely Productions by Liz Massey, Professional Oral Historian|Published December 24th, 2013

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StoryCatcher is a wonderful development in the evolution of how we record, structure and save family histories. Users only need minimal technical ability with…(Click here to read the full review)




Tree of Life Legacies: Doing more for families than just telling stories By Sophie Braccini|Published January 1st, 2014

A study by two psychologists, Marshall Duke and Robyn Fivush, who worked with children of 9/11 victims, concluded that the more children knew about their family’s history the stronger their sense of…(Click here to read the full article)


April Bell interviews Dennis Erokan in her studio. Photo Sophie Braccini



Blog Mention: StoryCatcher | Listen Closely Productions by Liz Massey, Prof. Oral Historian|Published January 11th, 2014

You can get your family history project done this year – it just takes a little know-how, some strategic thinking and a few simple tools. Here’s some tips for creating a family history..(Click to read the full blog post)


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App to help you gather family stories | Idealawg blog by Stephanie West Allen, | Published January 14th, 2014


Because I believe the flow from ancestry to life to legacy is important—often extremely influential on how we live our lives and affect future generations….(click for full post)





Oral History Project | Montezuma Historical Society Montezuma, New York|Published May, 2014


montezuma-collageYour stories and the stories of the people around you are unique, valuable treasures for your family and our  community…(Click for full post)



Supporting Evidence: NYT Article|The Stories That Bind Us by Bruce Feiler, | Published March 15th, 2013



What is the secret sauce that holds a family together? What are the ingredients that make some families effective, resilient, happy?…(Click here to read the full article)

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