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Capture a Dad’s Stories on Video This Father’s Day

Take time to ask, before it’s too late…

“After lunch we returned to the house, where Jerry Graham indulged me by answering questions about his life, on video.


Little did either of us realize that he would be dead of a sudden heart attack within 36 hours, that this encounter would be my final chance to learn details of his life that only he could reveal.


So as we approach Father’s Day, I urge everyone to sit down with their dads to record and preserve these personal stories for future generations.


Before it’s too late.


We live in an era unlike any other in history, where most of us now have a video camera in our pocket — the smartphone. Let’s use the tool to tell and preserve our stories.”


~Jefferson Graham, Tech Columnist at USA TODAY


All too often, this is a story I hear from people when talking about my business, creating personal history films. What’s more, often I hear they were PLANNING to “do something” with their loved ones’ stories, but they just haven’t gotten around to it.


This is part of the reason we developed StoryCatcher, to assist people in capturing video stories with their friends and family, anytime, anywhere; before it’s too late.


The value of having captured video stories is impossible to explain. It is something that those who have lost the opportunity can talk about quite a bit. That sparkle in his eye, the sound of her laughter and her voice, those questions they always meant to ask…


Some might view it morbid or crass to connect recording our loved ones’ stories with mortality. Frankly, I’ve found it’s one of the few things that gets people’s attention. We live in a culture and society that tends to operate as if we’re immortal; until we’re not.


I feel the value of presencing our mortality is so that we do take the time to love and connect with the important people in our lives NOW and not wait for that mystical, magical more convenient future moment, when all our “to do’s” are done and we’re ready. LIVE now, LOVE now. Enjoy your Father’s Day and honor the men who are Dad’s in your life, biological or not, by capturing a story or two with them on video…using StoryCatcher for iPhone, of course!



SC iPhone
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Click to read Jefferson Graham’s full USA TODAY article


2014-02-16-AprilTo learn more about me and the work I do with people capturing life stories, visit the About page.


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It’s an honor to be connected to you, thank you for visiting and for your interest in creating more love and connection in the world through capturing and sharing the stories of the people in your life.


An app is born…

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40How the StoryCatcher app came to exist in the world and on the Apple App Store. I hope you enjoy this short video I created for you using StoryCatcher for iPhone, the video storytelling app that prompts you with family history questions to ask. Don’t miss some of the customer reviews posted below! Please leave a comment. Urs and I (the co-developers of StoryCatcher for iPhone) would absolutely love to hear from you!



“A must have! The beauty of this little app is its simplicity. As one who didn’t grow up with technology, I wondered if I could achieve the things that were described in the video – but I did, and without any problems. Adding captions and photos is easy. I can see this being used frequently to record those snippets of information and stories that often occur on an impromptu basis when you are unlikely to run and grab a video camera. I’m hoping to make use of this as my son approaches his 21st birthday to get friends of his to record 60 second memories and their old photos – some have known him since primary school. Then I’ll patch it all together for a birthday presentation. So if a (ahem) middle aged citizen can mange this, then anyone can. I’m hoping that they’ll launch it on iPad soon. Top marks for making it user friendly.” ~the latest ★★★★★ review posted on the Apple App Store by Kn23writer, a happy user in Australia. Thank you, Kn23writer!


“April, Got home, downloaded your app, and tried it out. Wow! It’s just like the original iMovie: simple, clean, and does the basics well. Kudos and huzzahs! It’s gonna be fun. Good demo, too. Best, Peter & Mary ps: The high rez version is very nice—displayed quite sharp full screen on my 27″ iMac.” ~Peter & Mary Farquhar, Professional Personal Historians at Tombo Media ~in a note received after a group demonstration for the NorCal Association of Personal Historians


Note: Search under “iPhone Apps” in the Apple App Store when on an iPad or iPad mini and you can successfully download and use your copy of StoryCatcher on that device.


If you feel moved to, we would greatly appreciate your positive review about StoryCatcher for iPhone on the Apple App Store!


Love stories

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Today is the perfect day to share a story about love with those special someones in your life.



My absolute favorite love stories are the “how we met” stories, as seen above. They can be touching, funny, and even humbling. Sometimes they can be quite different, even though the story is being told from two people who shared the same experience.


What excites me about interviewing people and capturing their stories is that so often their loved ones say things like, “I never knew that!” or “I hadn’t heard that part of the story before!”


Go ahead, surprise and delight yourself, and the ones you love by capturing and sharing their love story today. Sharing stories with the people we care about forages deeper bonds of love and connection. StoryCatcher can help. Here are some Interview Tips for love stories:


  • Who is the love of your life?
  • When did you first fall in love?
  • Do you remember your fist kiss?
  • Who was your first serious relationship with?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • What lessons have you learned from your relationships?


~Happy Big Love Day from StoryCatcher to you!

Photo credit: Coolm36 (Creative Commons)

Blue Water Foundation

Using StoryCatcher for iPhone


[ez_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/IT3FG7U_TO8″ width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”0″ autohide=”2″ controls=”1″]

click on an image below to pop out the gallery and view all the photos

Ocean’s Gate Program – January 2014

[ez_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/KFIg9cQRg1M” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”0″ autohide=”2″ controls=”1″]

The Blue Water Foundation was founded as an all-volunteer, nonprofit corporation dedicated to bringing the joys of sailing to San Francisco Bay Area inner city and at risk youth. In 1992 a group of sailors wanted to introduce San Francisco Bay Area young people to the joys of sailing.  Using volunteers’ boats, these sailors began to take small groups of middle school students sailing on San Francisco Bay. The response from students was so enthusiastic that soon, our informal excursions became regularly scheduled trips.  Now, through our programs over 10,000 young people have discovered the art of sailing, experienced success through teamwork and have had fun while exploring a maritime alternative to drugs, alcohol, and gangs. The name of the program for this sail is OCEAN’S GATE PROGRAM, referring to both the Golden Gate which leads to the oceans of the world and the open gate to the freedom of the seas that one can earn. Our motto: Wherever you are, the wind blows free!.

www.bluewaterfoundation.org to donate, volunteer and learn more